Club Reminders

Club Institute Meetings are held on the first Thursday of October, December, March and April at 9:30 AM,
at the V.F.W. in Medway, MA.  Any club member may attend these GFWC State meetings.

Federation Topics is the GFWC of Massachusetts' magazine publication, distributed 5 times per year.  
Please contact our president to renew or apply for a subscription, which is $8.00 per year.

Members who wish to have their announcements published, should email/mail their materials three weeks in
advance of the meeting to the Public Relations/Communications Chairman, as well as our Topic's
Correspondent.  If you have information or a photo you'd like to see in Topics, please let the Public
Relations Chairman know.  The cost to include a photo is $5/per photo.

Please notify the Corresponding Secretary of an illness or bereavement so that an appropriate card may be

Dues are $25.00/per year and are payable to the Treasurer by the end of January. (Our club then must pay
our club dues to the State club, who then pays GFWC.)  Delinquent dues do not guarantee that the member
will be listed in the Annual Yearbook.

Be kind to others --if you see a new face, introduce yourself.

If you see someone sitting alone, take a moment to sit with them.

Let's show our new members our friendship, and welcome our new sisters into our club.  Let's help them
WANT to stay and share our strengths.

If any Club Member needs a ride to a meeting, please contact Deb Sawyer, Amie Hyman, or Jen Clark.  
Please see your Club Yearbook for contact information.

Do you know about ESO?  From the GFWC website: Reading for Life
"The objective of this program is to promote a commitment to lifelong learning by encouraging members
and others to foster and support educational opportunities in their communities.  Included in this program
are Epsilon Sigma Omicron (ESO) reading activities and the support of libraries and scholarships.  ESO
information is available by contacting the GFWC Materials Center.

GFWC will award $50 annually to one club in the nation to recognize creativity in implementing an effective
Education for Life program."
GFWC Uxbridge Woman's Club
"Enhancing the Lives of Others Through Volunteer Service"
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